You were born for something BIGGER.... 
You were born to shine your brilliance. You have unique gifts that need to be expressed.

You have the power to change people's lives.

Deep inside you know it!!!


~ You’ve been taking care of everyone 
else's lives; but have no idea 
what to do with yours...;

~You feel like it's too late to start something new; 

~ You know you are born for more, but your big breakthrough is not happening and you feel lost and inadequate;

~ You often feel small, dull and sad, and you know there MUST be a better way!


~  Found the most amazing
work (or started your own business) that allowed you to live "on purpose"  make a difference in the world AND make a good living;

~ Had a lifestyle that allowed you to actually ENJOY your life, yourself, your family, and your friends?

~ Consistently felt GOOD about yourself and your life.
If you'd like that, then keep on reading!
Living  your purpose and radiating your gifts with passion and confidence
 will NOT happen if you are waiting for some external  "sign from above", or believe that a sudden breakthrough is about to happen if you just work a little harder...

It requires a shift from the  "Rhinestone"  to a "Diamond" Mindset and a SYSTEM that is guaranteed to help you find your TRUE motivation and passion in life, and set you in motion.
The "Rhinestone Approach"
~ Playing "safe": choosing professions, behaviors, and activities that are "supposed to be secure, safe and generating income"

~ Playing "small": keeping your brilliance dim in order to make others around your comfortable

~ Playing "nice": trying to please everyone, trying to take care of everyone's needs, self-sacrificing, and forgetting about yourself

The "Diamond Approach"
~ Embracing Risks:  Going after your passions, knowing that money is the energy that responds to your alignment with your purpose

~ Completely loving and accepting yourself: knowing that your so-called shortcomings are an important foundation for your talents. Your worth does not lie in others, nor anyone can "steal" it from you.

~ Being independent from the good and bad opinion of others:  when you live your life on purpose it does not matter what others think of you or your occupation.
 I am thrilled to introduce to you a 3 -step SYSTEM of transforming from "Rhinestone to Diamond" in 28 days !
When you follow my "Rhinestone to Diamond" system you will quickly understand that :

a. The difference between a rhinestone and a diamond lies within.
Rhinestones are artificial gems. 
~ Their glitter comes from a reflective backing and their surface is easily destroyed.  
~ They are common and cheaply mass-produced. 
~ Just a drop of water washes away the glitter, revealing rhinestones for the plastic they are underneath.

Diamonds, are unique and cherished.  
~Their legendary luminescence comes from within.
~Diamonds remain diamonds forever.  
The strength and beauty of a diamond is beyond compare. 

b. Finding life purpose and your inner brilliance is a learnable skill!

Like everything in life, you can LEARN how to find your passion, your gifts, your talents, and how to create a life "on purpose". You will be amazed how your self-worth and self-esteem automatically grow as you live your mission!

This course will teach you a system that consists of 3 simple steps, which, when applied consistently, will GUARANTEE your success!

The money I spent on Marina's course is the best investment in my life!


Marina is qualitative and personal, appealing to the heart with emotion. She's held my hand every step of the way, her guidance is what has kept me going when I've wanted to give up. The work, because it is hard work, has made a significant difference in my life. I am not done just yet and I've already seen a remarkable change within myself, I am shining!
The money I spent on Marina's course is the best money I have ever spent in my entire life!

I feel like I am walking on sunshine...


I am energetic and feeling a ton of gratefulness... It's like I am walking on sunshine... I am excited to transform myself. Motivated. I have to buckle down and DO THIS. But I feel ready and beyond grateful. I am so happy you are coaching me!
I now think more highly of myself. . .


I am so grateful to Marina Kostina for giving me amazing tools through this online course. These tools greatly helped me understand my inner self and improve my self esteem. All the interesting activities in which I interacted helped me find the fears, negativity, and insecurities that i did not know were limiting me from improving in all aspects of my life. I now think more highly of myself and do not belittle myself by comparing myself to others. I keep taking all of life's experiences one day at a time, but now fully equipped with the tools to optimistically strive to be a better version of myself.
If you find yourself looking for a "sign" from the Universe, or believe that your BIG breakthrough is about to happen on its own... you will be waiting for  5, 10, 15 + yrs  (or all your life!)....  

If you start acting, follow my 3-step system -- you can get your results in just 28 days (spending 15-20 min a day)!
Transform from Rhinestone to Diamond in 28 days!

Learn why you spend most of your life in the rhinestone stage, where

~Partners in your life take you for granted.
~Jobs underpay or undervalue you.
~You feel down most of times
~ You feel lost and with no motivation

Shift your focus on your inner brilliance
and light up every area of your life.
Find your brilliance within, raise your value, and make it so strong that,
like a diamond, you will be precious forever.

Here’s what you’ll do with my 3 Step "Rhinestone to Diamond" Method:

Step #1 (Cleaving): 
Get Rid of All That is not YOU!
In a diamond cutting process the first step is to separate a piece of diamond rough in order to create separate gems. 

In like manner, we will be separating your from all beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that prevent you from finding your inner treasure, and that keep you small, weak, and dull!
In this step you will learn:

1. A little known secret that will help you stop comparing yourself to others;

2. A free card out of the “evaluation prison” and "inner critic jail"

3. A simple way out of the "TRIANGLE GAME" that 99,5% of adults play without knowing it
 (and that keeps you miserable);

4. A final break from co-dependent patterns you have had all your life in less than 30 minutes
so you can  claim your power BACK!
Step #2 (Bruting):  
Find the REAL you!
The second step in the diamond cutting process is bruting- setting 2 diamonds to spin in opposite directions using each other's strength to create the shape of the gem.

Similarly, we will show you how to find YOUR center of joy and your own "shape".
In this step you will:

1. Master the art of "downstream thinking" so you stop your negative spiral down in its birth;
2. Recognize the power of your feminine energy  that can instantly make you fall in love with yourself, and you the sexiest, most enchanting  woman on Earth;

3. Learn the secret powers of geisha, and fill your 9 vessels of love so you will never have to 
feel needy, desperate, or alone again;

4. Create your unique "Happiness Filter " that allows you to easily understand what projects, events and people no longer serve your path, and which areas of your life need to de-cluttering ASAP!

Step #3 (Polishing): Find your Inner Brilliance & Your Purpose
The last step in the diamond cutting process is polishing, when the diamond is given its brilliant sparkle that we know so well. 

In the same manner, we will help you find your inner brilliance, your purpose and your passion so you can brighten your life and light up the lives of others!
In this step you will learn:

1. A proven way to find  your talents,  strengths and TRUE motivations even if you have been in the dark all your life;

2.  A 2-step formula that helps you find your life purpose once and for all;

3. A safe technique to ward off "energetic vampires", and anyone who wants to distract you from your path and take away your joy;

4. A secret behind the power of your fear and learn how to use it to guide you to your most precious treasures in life.
In sum, you will learn how to:

~ quickly get rid of what is preventing you from being your TRUE self so you can never have to please anyone or worry about anyone's opinion of you;

~ instantly increase your joy and fulfillment in life (even if you are miserable 90% of the time). This change along makes you incredibly attractive and desired to other people;

~ discover the meaning of your LIFE  through a 
"2-Step Purpose Finding Formula" so you can be a catalyst of positive change in this world and improve the lives of others; 

Never again wonder why you are here in this world!

Plus, bonus resources tailored to overcome main obstacles encountered after you finish the course so you can keep on shining on your own without the need of help from the outside....

All of it... 

How does it work?

~ The training is released in weekly modules and consists of
short (5-15 min), easy-to-follow short videos and application templates. All training is online, contained in the private portal, so you can study ANY time in small increments between your daily tasks or during work breaks.. 

~ You are never to feel alone!! We will meet once a week to discuss homework, ask questions, analyze various situations as they show up as a result of your inner work in a virtual classroom, so you can have a LIVE online conversation with Dr. Kostina

~ Even during the week, you will always feel support and ability to discuss any problems or get a feedback on your work in the forms of emails or Facebook messengers

~ You're a Diamond for LIFE! You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

  • Short videos introducing each Module- watch them at your own pace
  • Application Activities- so you consistently develop new habits
  • Audio files (i.e. meditations) - so you keep your positive vibe through the day

A One-on-One 30 min phone consultation with Dr. Marina Kostina (worth $ 500)

During the course you will be able to contact Dr. Marina Kostina directly to have a private consultation with her regarding any aspects of your training. This consultation in itself is worth more than the entire course.

FREE WEEKLY  group calls with Dr. Marina Kostina (worth $ 800)

During the course you will be able to contact Dr. Marina Kostina directly to have a private consultation with her regarding any aspects of your training. This consultation in itself is worth more than the entire course.

Extra Resources (priceless!)

Receive extra resources for supporting your journey after the course. These resources are designed to help you tackle most commonly encountered obstacles
Fermina Ponce, Writer, Business Owner


Known as The "Self-worth & Net Worth Coach", Dr. Marina Kostina is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Certified Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher and 7 time winner of grants from the US Department of Defense. She empowers female entrepreneurs to find their life purpose and prepare them psychologically and spiritually to ask for and receive higher rates while delivering breakthrough results with confidence and authenticity. She has trained thousands of people around the globe and has appeared on numerous platforms, such as Telemundo, USA Today, People, Chicago Latino TV, Inspira TV, CAN TV, Luz&Dolly show, VASHE radio, amoung others.

I uncovered exactly, where I have been stuck!

PALOMA GREER, Executive Producer Inspira TeVe

I was stuck; feeling like a little hamster spinning on a wheel, going nowhere. What my results showed astonished me. We uncovered exactly why I have been stuck; I had a great damage due to a previous heartbreak and I didn’t know I still carried resentment.
This work helped me start to work towards my life purpose- creating Inspira TV!
I now can move forward in my own business...

ERIKA QUERUBINA, Welness and Life Coach

How does one put into words the “awakening” experienced by being part of this amazing online course? As someone that has taken several other courses on this matter, I can truly say this course provides the tools to move forwards in the direction of self-love and consequently true happiness. This course goes beyond the surface of the subject. Thanks to the time devoted to doing the excesses in the course and feedback from Dr. Marina Kostina, I was able to recognize beliefs about self that where hindering my ability to move towards self-love and happiness.
Every single module and activity provided me with the “dose” of awareness needed to accept self as I am today and to every day do a little more to truly love and accept self and others as they are without victimizing or judging. Thus, enlighten and blessed are the two words that best described my experience in this course.” 
Rhinestone to Diamond Online
No Worries. The Course Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. If you do all work, show us your homework and STILL do not see any results - we will refund your money, no questions asked.
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