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Do you say things like . . .

What’s wrong with me?

Why don’t I have a partner? Why didn’t I get the job?

I doubt I’m making a difference.

I wish people would appreciate me more.

85% of people suffer from low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Women are even more likely to be affected with this pain. 

In our search to please others, we lose sight of ourselves.

We recognize the worth in others, but we can’t easily see our own. 

We spread ourselves thin, but feel unaccomplished and taken for granted.

We call it kindness when we care for others and
neglect our needs.  This is the most dangerous zone.

There’s nothing more valuable than the way you see yourself.

In our society, women are taught to be “shiny things”: 

We care for our bodies and make our faces appealing to others . . . 

We pose for selfies, pout our lips and try to attain the “sexy” body we think will make us happy.  

We are seen as living “rhinestones” that glitter on the outside. 

Our relationships or jobs often do not reflect the love, appreciation and respect that-- deep inside-- we know we deserve.

The difference between a rhinestone and a diamond lies within.

Rhinestones are artificial gems. Their glitter comes from a reflective backing and their surface is easily destroyed.  

They are common and cheaply mass-produced.  Just a drop of water washes away the glitter, revealing rhinestones for the plastic they are underneath.

Diamonds, are unique and cherished. 

Their legendary luminescence comes from within. 

Diamonds remain diamonds forever

The strength and beauty of a diamond is beyond compare.

Transform from Rhinestone to Diamond in 3 weeks!

Learn why you spend most of your life in the rhinestone stage.

Partners in your life take you for granted.  

Jobs underpay or undervalue you.

 Start getting treated with more respect, adoration, and appreciation.

Shift your focus on your inner brilliance 

and light up every area of your life.

Find your brilliance within, raise your value, and make it so strong that,

like a diamond, you will be precious forever.

Are you ready? 

Here’s what you’ll do with my Three "F"s of Feminine Power Method:

Step 1: Find your Divinity (Stop criticizing yourself)

Step 2: Fill yourself (Don’t look outward for approval or happiness)

Step 3: Flow through life (Stop striving, resisting and pushing)

Step 1: Find Your Divinity

1.    Quickly and precisely measure your self-esteem through the “Staircase Technique." Understand that self-esteem is not a constant and learn how to rapidly boost self-esteem before any important events.

2.     Stop comparing yourself to others; get a free card out of the “evaluation prison” (take yourself off the scale).

3.     Appreciate your body; learn how to stop seeing your flaws and treat your body as a temple.

Step 2: Fill Yourself

1.    Recognize 3 main ineffective roles of “victim,” “predator,” and “savior” (based on the Karpman’s Triangle) and learn how to stop “playing the game” that kills your self-esteem.

2.    Know how to FILL your 9 vessels of love so you never feel needy, desperate, or alone; recognize your yan and yin energies and learn who to properly give and take to, and when to lean forward and lean back.

3.     “Clean and sew” the energetic holes that are found in your energetic body to create wholeness within yourself.

Step 3: Flow

1.    Accept yourself completely; understand that your shortcomings are an important part of you. Learn how to harness their power through the “Minus to Pluses” technique.

2.    Learn how to recognize “emotional vampires” and how to preserve your energy. Finish energetic dependency on past situations and relationships that prevent your flow.

3.    Master the art of request and non-resistant domination that moves you from forcing events and people to instead, attracting and receiving the treasure of the Universe with inner power, ease, and grace.

How does it work?

~ The training is released in weekly modules and consists of
easy-to-follow videos, audio files and application templates. All training is online, contained in the private portal. 

~ We are also going to meet once a week to discuss homework, ask questions, analyze various situations as they show up as a result of your inner work.

~ Online support in the forms of emails or Facebook messenger

~ You're a Diamond for LIFE! You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

  • Short videos introducing each Module- watch them at your own pace
  • Application Activities- so you consistently develop new habits
  • Audio files (i.e. meditations) - so you keep your positive vibe through the day

A 1-1 30 min phone consultation with Dr. Marina Kostina (worth $ 500)

During the course you will be able to contact Dr. Marina Kostina directly to have a private consultation with her regarding any aspects of your training. This consultation in itself is worth more than the entire course.

FREE WEEKLY  group calls with Dr. Marina Kostina (worth $ 800)

During the course you will be able to contact Dr. Marina Kostina directly to have a private consultation with her regarding any aspects of your training. This consultation in itself is worth more than the entire course.

Extra Resources (priceless!)

Receive extra resources for managing your time, budget and your life in general & action plan template to ensure you are supported even after the course is over!.
Ferimina Ponce, Writer, Business Owner
What others say about this course:

PALOMA GREER, Executive Producer Inspira TeVe

I was stuck; feeling like a little hamster spinning on a wheel, going nowhere. What my results showed astonished me. We uncovered exactly why I have been stuck; I had a great damage due to a previous heartbreak and I didn’t know I still carried resentment.
I met with my love afterwards for dinner; he saw right away the new energy I was exuding. He was just as amazed as I was with the overall results; what I had uncovered about myself, what has been stopping me and it helped us BOTH understand our challenges as a couple.

“How does one put into words the “awakening” experienced by being part of this amazing online course, Wired for self-esteem? As someone that has taken several other courses on this matter, I can truly say this course provides the tools to move forwards in the direction of self-love and consequently true happiness. This course goes beyond the surface of the subject. Thanks to the time devoted to doing the excesses in the course and feedback from Dr. Marina Kostina, I was able to recognize beliefs about self that where hindering my ability to move towards self-love and happiness. Every single module and activity provided me with the “dose” of awareness needed to accept self as I am today and to every day do a little more to truly love and accept self and others as they are without victimizing or judging. Thus, enlighten and blessed are the two words that best described my experience in this Wired for self-esteem course.” 


I am so grateful to Marina Kostina for giving me amazing tools through the "Wired 4 Self-Esteem" online course. These tools greatly helped me understand my inner self and improve my self esteem. All the interesting activities in which I interacted helped me find the fears, negativity, and insecurities that i did not know were limiting me from improving in all aspects of my life. I now think more highly of myself and do not belittle myself by comparing myself to others. I keep taking all of life's experiences one day at a time, but now fully equipped with the tools to optimistically strive to be a better version of myself.
Rhinestone to Diamond Online
No Worries. The Course Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. If you do all work, show us your homework and STILL do not see any results - we will refund your money, no questions asked.
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